Open World 2017: Mobile- and Bot-Enable Your Oracle Enterprise Apps

I have been a big proponent of chat bots ever since attending Percona Live 2015 when I first heard about their use at other companies.  It has not caught on where I work, but I thought I would attend a session to see what options existed from Oracle.  They presented a pretty interesting set of platforms that can help you quickly stand up mobile and chat based systems.  My notes are:

Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise

  • Mobile Core (MCS)
    • Built-in Mobile Services
    • Mobile API Catalog
    • MAX with Mobile Services
  • Intelligent Bots (IB)
    • AI/NLP Intent Detection
    • Multi Chanel Integration
    • Rich Conversational Flow
    • Entity Detection & Slot Filling
  • Customer Experience Analytics (CxA)
  • Challenge is in integrating back-end systems
    • OMCe – Mobile Services
      • Open source mobile client development tools (JET)
      • Tools for service devs to shape Mobile optimized APIs
  • New pieces are Bots and Customer Experience
  • AI first will replace “cloud first, mobile first” in next 10 years
  • App sprawl getting out of control
  • Integrates with a number of chat clients, voice, alexa, etc…
  • Value of chatbot is being able to integrate into a number of back-end systems
  • CxA – API to instrument your app

Case Study: Brocade

  • Looking to integrate Oracle EBS, Salesforce, Taleo, Microsoft Exchange, etc.
  • Used Mobile Iron to push app
  • Have mobile now and working on bot
  • Works with 11i and R12
  • Worked with Rapid Value for this


  • 50 – 60% of developers time is consumed in backend development
  • App fatigue
    • Too many apps – consumer and enterprise
    • Complexity in managing and upgrading enterprise apps
    • No common place to see all notifications for enterprise apps
  • Started off with pre-build mobile app offered by Rapid Value
  • MCS brought the following to the table
    • Enterprise Security
    • MDM Integration
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Instance Life Cycle MAnagement
    • Mobile API Catalog
    • Offline Sync, Push Notifications
  • No infrastructure at Brocade
  • Strategic Advantages aimed at using Chatbots
    • Conversational mode Convenience
    • Reduce App store approval challenges
    • No App hosting and distribution
    • Zero User Training
  • Chatted with Oracle bot using Facebook Messenger


Ability to test the bot as well

YAML used for dialogue flow builder

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