OpenWorld 2017: Modernize your IT-Landscape with API Driven Development

Sven Bernhardt and Danilo Schmiedel gave a session that mostly turned into a sales pitch for a product Oracle purchased named Apiary.  It was a pretty cool tool, but not something that closes any holes where I work.  My notes are:

  • API Mangement
    • more than 12,000 public APIs offered by companies (2015)
    • Salesforce makes 50% revenue via API
      • Expedia 90%
      • ebay 60%
    • APIs are the door to the digital tomorrow
      • used to discover new business models and to evolve digital economies
    • Can support key business goals
      • Revenue Growth
      • Customer Satisfaction & Engagement
      • Operational Effeciencies
      • Partner Contribution & Ecosystem
    • What does it provide
      • Approved APIs for app developers
      • Provides design guidance for backend API developers
  • Taming the Monolith – Challenges + Demo
    • see pic for sample of Monolith Application
    • Task: Improve customer satisfaction with new innovative apps and modernized what we have today to increase our flexibility
    • see pic for decoupling and API breakdown
  • Architectural Considerations


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