OpenWorld 2017: Using MysQL Containers

Matt Lord (Senior MySQL Product Manager at Oracle) gave a good presentation on the state of MySQL with containers.  I had already been to a session on Oracle and containers and there was some overlap, but it was a good presentation on the state of Oracles support of MySQL on Docker.

My sense after attending both of these sessions is that Docker and contains have a large roll in the future delivery of database services.  I also have the sense that we are about 6 months to a year away from those on the bleeding edge having worked out the kinks and it will all be ready for production database workloads.


  • What is a Container (already covered in Oracle Docker presentation)
    • Copy on Write layering file system
  • Native Windows Containers – Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 (similar features to Linux kernel)
  • Makes most sense to match base OS with Container OS, but not required
    • Because less differences so less moved up in filesystem layers
  • Mac and Windows both support running Linux containers but run on top of visualizer (xhyve in mac, hyperv on Windows) – Alpine Linux (built for Docker)
  • Why
    • Package software in a single binary image
    • Everything is repeatable
    • Helps with patching
  • Official MySQL Container Goals
    • Official release product includes a container built on Oracle Linux
    • Container for all products
      • MySQL (NDB) Cluster – preliminary now
      • InnoDB Cluster – not public now
      • Router, Shell, Workbench, Utilities, etc. – future
    • Work with compose, Swarm, Kubernetes
    • Integrate with wider Oracle plans for Docker and Container Services
  • Demo of Docker on Mac
    • Showed vm running Alpine Linux

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