OpenWorld 2017: The Influential Engineer

Michael Carducci (@MichaelCarducci) gave a great session on how to increase your influence with others.  My notes are:

  • Exercise in Influence
    • Magic trick
  • Real Magic == Applied Psychology
  • 85% of success id human engineering and influence
    • people are irrational
  • Not enough to have a good case
  • 12 tips
    • You act first – Law of Reciprocity (if you do a favor then you get a favor)
      • Absolutely! I know if the situation were reversed you would do the same for me.
      • Of course, I know It’s important that this gets done and I’m happy to help I’m sure you would do the same if situation was reversed
      • Works in negotiations too
      • Always start with the large ask first – Counter request right away to make it received as a concession
    • Begin in a friendly way
    • Get the other person saying yes immediately
    • We are motivated by scarcity
      • What do your solution provide that you can’t get somewhere else
    • Dramatize your ideas – stories resonate in a way facts and figures can’t
    • Consensus
      • People more likely to say yes when they see other people saying yes
      • Listen to other ideas – don’t contradict “actually that turns out not to be the case”
    • Consistency – people live up to what they write down
    • Authority – if an expert says it, then it must be true (you are the expert)
      • Your Expertise comes from
        • Background
        • Experiences
        • Trustworthiness
      • Lead with a weakness in your case – shows knowledge and honesty
    • Be liked
      • similarities
      • compliments
      • cooperative efforts
    • Don’t ague and criticize
    • Try to honestly see things from the other person’s perspectives
    • Admit when your wrong
    • Be a good listener

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