Performance Birds of a Feather – Percona Live 2015

This session was a talk with Rick James where we just talked about performance issues we in the audience were interested in.  ( My Notes are:

  • Start with InnoDB buffer pool at 70% of memory unless really small VM
  • Partitioning should not be done for performance
  • Stored procedures can provide better performance over views
  • If you are replicating then break up your deletes into small batches
  • We talked about ways to create shards to minimize impact
  • Slow Query log at 2 seconds or less and use pt-query-digest to analyze
  • Batch your inserts to have one insert statement with up to a 1,000 rows to add
  • For Galera you can make an argument that you can run innodb to 0 or 2 because a node can be rebuilt with SST
  • You can use INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables to build a blocking chain
  • subqueries can be poor performing because the optimizer is not smart enough to handle them
  • Try your best to turn them into a join unless you have a group by in the subquery to limit the rows
  • Also can create a temp table in memory and join to it instead of a subquery

I need to grab Rick’s information on Galera for developers.

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