Managing MySQL with Puppet – Percona Live 2015

I attended the “Managing MySQL with Puppet” session at Percona Live 2015 with Jaako Pesonen from Spil Games.  He is using Diffy, Sheldon (provides information about environment, host, etc to Puppet), OpenStack, MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Puppet.  In this session he concentrated on Puppet and Percona XtraDB Cluster.  Puppetlabs mysql is provided by Puppet labs.  It used to not be that good, but is getting better.  Puppet contains 4 mysql providors (server, client, bindings,and backups).  Here are my notes:

  • He recommends using Hiera to make puppet more useful and readable
  • to get access to their module you can modify as needed (not set up for general use)
  • Nothing special needed for puppet and MHA or regular replication
  • Galera is special as that the first node is different
  • They use different users between production and staging for backups to avoid having production credentials in staging

There was a lot of puppet configuration slides that I will need to dive into more.  My takeaways is that we can manage Galera with Puppet, but it will take some customization.  I look forward to diving into Jaako’s GitHub repository and trying to figure out what will work best for us.

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